Touchy Coffee

Touchy Coffee is an independent roaster based in Troy, New York.

Colors change every time you refresh

Abbr. Projects designed and developed Touchy’s new site while refining their playful, earthy identity to thrive across digital (i.e. social) and physical (i.e. packaging) environments.

Different view modes delight different shoppers

Sort and refine functionality

Visual hyperlinking

Fresh site features include multiple view modes on the product page for shoppers with varying degrees of curiosity, visual “hyperlinking” supporting GIFs and images within text, and a suite of illustrative icons.

Iconography suite

From identity to site, we gave Touchy the tools to tell their buzzworthy story, connect sleepy audiences with stimulating products, and celebrate the many hands that make great coffee, from bean to brew.

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Partner — Carlos Mayo (development)