2021 - 2022

Like any business on the frontier, Superior Merchandise Company serves many purposes. From their base in Troy, New York, they are a fueling station for fellow travelers, general store for picky pioneers, and meeting point for old pals and fast friends.

After helping launch a new website for their sister brand Touchy Coffee, we renewed our partnership to rethink how Superior Merchandise Company exists in digital and physical environments.

Event collateral

We started by streamlining their brand architecture and writing their story based on a trippy new concept that imagines the company as the leader and supplier of a movement to forge a far-out new society on earth based on principles of community and sustainability.

Brand guidelines

We translated this concept into an identity including custom typography inspired by farm-stand stenciling and spaceship wayfinding. The typeface uses the fewest components possible, recycled in as many ways as possible.

Our work culminated in an ecommerce site featuring original messaging, designed and developed by Abbr. Projects with Carlos Mayo. Superior Merchandise Company’s new strategy, design, language, and technology reinforce their role as a rallying point for cosmic adventurers dedicated to restarting earth from scratch.

Co-founder Felicity Jones shares some of the new brand swag

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Partner — Carlos Mayo (development), Taylor Renn (production)