2020 - 2022

SearchBar is the shopping engine serving only the internet’s best-kept brands and products.

Over the course of a two-year engagement, Abbr. Projects worked with SearchBar and its partners from the seed of an idea to a successful site launch, touching on everything from naming to site copy, logomark to graphic system.

The founding team approached this project with the ambition to create a platform unlike anything else on the internet, something that could bring the thrill of discovery back to online shopping.

At its heart, the site is designed to surface lesser-known labels with interesting stories and extraordinary products.

Social Templates

Rather than creating a recessive visual identity that championed its partners at a whisper, we embraced color, volume, and density, all bubble-wrapped up in playful geometry.

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Partners — Dima Miekh and Krupal Patel (development), Danielle Bufalini and Evvie Crowell (editorial)