Rove is a launchpad for products and experiences powered by decentralized technology and community. Abbr. Projects evolved the Rove brand and equipped their team with all of the components needed to launch its first NFT collection, site, and mobile app.

Strategically, we emphasized Rove’s role as an alternative economic model for entertainment creators and consumers. Externally, this took the form of a mythic universe, accessed via the Rove app, populated by elemental forces that unlock exclusive events and goods.

Brand lexicon

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In parallel, Abbr. developed a technical yet inviting identity built to coexist with high-profile partners like Tommy Hilfiger and Lionsgate Entertainment. The new system is crowned by a logomark representing the union of artists and fans, which we used as the architecture for a full iconographic suite.

Glassy photographic filters help their team inject intrigue into any imagery, while creating opportunities to activate the brand in physical environments like events.

Ultimately, we merged the new strategy, language, and identity into Rove’s powerful mobile app and sleek marketing site, the latter developed by our partners at Shrimpton Agency.

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Partner — Shrimpton Agency (development), OCA (management)

Photography courtesy of Rove