Planetary Services

Planetary Services is a design studio based in Syracuse, New York.

Using space travel as an extended metaphor for creativity, Abbr. Projects created their story, typography, and identity.

Variable designs

Brand Story by Abbr.

We started by drafting a fictional backstory for the studio as a space-trotting band of astronauts using intergalactic insights to inform better work back on earth, and ultimately contribute to the survival of humankind. We brought this abstract concept to life in a brand film with imagery, script, and voiceover.

Based on this story, we designed a custom variable type family with five unique presets representing five stages of digital communication, from the early days of computer processing, to present technology, to the instantaneous interplanetary travel of the future.

Individual letterforms are structured to correspond with the seven celestial bodies of antiquity, reinforcing our concept while conveying hidden messages.

PS Interplanetary style presets

This story and typography form the core of the Planetary Services identity, setting the studio up for continued creative exploration through time and space.