Pika Pika

Pika Pika is Tagalog for finger foods and small bites. Creative Director Geraldson Chua, a veteran of Condé Nast Traveler and Esquire, started the brand to introduce international audiences to the extraordinary cuisine of his native Philippines, a tradition that blends indigenous, Arab, Iberian, Chinese, and American flavors.

Pika Pika's first suite of covetable products

Our brief was to cook up a brand that translates unfamiliar flavors to the American palate. We started by cracking Pika Pika’s confident logo system, finding inspiration in food products that might’ve been found in Chua’s childhood pantry, as well as traditional weaving and patternmaking.

Filipino packaging embraces density and color, so we followed suit, curating a cheerful palette adapted from the natural colors of the products themselves, accented with a bright red primary that intentionally contrasts against the brand’s marquee products, like its impossibly delicious Coconut Spread.

Hand-drawn illustrations playfully re-interpret Pika Pika’s “woven” logomark as a checkered tablecloth, a familiar symbol of social dining eliciting the universal joy of congregating around great food. Because sharing something beautiful is always in good taste.

Abbr.'s official verdict after rigorous testing: shockingly delicious

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Partners — Geraldson Chua (creative direction), Graham Pollack (photography), Gabrielle Nicoletti (production)