LC Cinema
2021 - Present

LC Cinema screens films that stir connection at intimate pop-up theaters deployed in interesting spaces around Richmond, Virginia.

Abbr. Projects supported LC Cinema founder and card-carrying member of the Abbreviated Axis Taylor Renn with a full identity, including custom typography and event collateral. Our challenge was to give the series a built-in sense of patina harkening to the golden age of mass entertainment, without artificially aging materials or leaning on hackneyed symbols of Hollywood’s past.

Flyers for series premiere around town

LC Typewriter, custom-made for the brand's exclusive use

We started with a monogram and wordmark inspired by specimens from Taylor’s extensive library of international theater signage. LC Typewriter, a custom typeface drawn for the series’ use, has the off-kilter panache of an Olivetti, while a palette of sun-faded pastel colors blends gracefully into the city’s architectural landscape.

Playbills and other print collateral greeted guests at the welcome desk

Taylor produces small zines for each film

LC Cinema launched in June 2022 at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design with a weekend of sold-out screenings, global concessions, and vintage publications. Taylor is now at work planning future events in partnership with fellow Richmond tastemakers.

Global concessions and vintage publications

Lockup for use on printed matter