2021 - Present

Buzzcut is a monthly newsletter by writer (and Abbr. Projects Strategy Director) Zander Abranowicz.

Logomark and tagline

In addition to producing the newsletter each month, Abbr. Projects is the creator of Buzzcut’s suitably sharp identity. The toolkit includes an illustrative logomark, calligraphic wordmark, photographic treatment, and set of templates for social media promotion.

Color, type, and series

Illustration for "Sketches from Saint Lucia," May 2022 edition

Since launching in January of 2022, Buzzcut has covered subjects ranging from the vitality of physical libraries to the history and culture of Saint Lucia.

Points of inspiration

Points of inspiration for the Buzzcut identity include the art of Ludwig Bemelmans, Japanese “ivy style,” vintage airline branding, and classic book design by imprints like Borzoi.

Podcast cover design

Pushing the design limitations of Substack, the newsletter’s hosting platform, Abbr. Projects has carved out a distinct visual presence for Buzzcut, recalling classic editorial design at its finest.